Community Rise Alliance

is a Rwandan Local Organization dedicated to serving Youths, Children, Young girls and women and elderly as a whole, implementing Development, Humanitarian and livelihoods Projects. Addressing major problems facing young people working under Programs and Projects like; HIV/AIDS Prevention , Gender Based Violence, Promotion of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Youth Empowerment and Drug Abuse Prevention .

We are deeply concerned about the large number of School Dropouts, unwanted pregnancies, maternal deaths from clandestine abortions, Human Rights Violation, Drug Abuse, increased number of People Living with HIV/AIDS and generally unemployment among the youth in our communities. Community Rise Alliance is basically formed to equip relevant sexual reproductive health rirghts’skills,
and to develop positive attitudes and values, promoting different talents in young people as well as to empower them with relevant skills for life.

Our Programs

HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

Under this program, CRA works to prevent HIV/AIDS Spread with our main focus on youth and teenagers as our most target pop...

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Gender Based Violance Program

UN Defines “Gender-based violence (GBV) as the general term used to capture violence that occurs as a result of the normative role...Read more

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Program (SRHR)

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR): An essential component of the universal right to the highest attainable standard of...

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Youth Empowerment for Change Program

Making a reference on Youth Sector strategic Plan 2013-2018 in its Background, youth in Rwanda are defined as those aged 14-35...

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Drug Abuse Program

UN Defines “Gender-based violence (GBV) as the general term used to capture violence that occurs as a result of the normative role ... Read more

Our Achievements

Since 2016 to Date

I. 22,745 Girls and Boys were reached for Free HIV Test.

II. 57 Campaigns on HIV/AIDS Prevention were conducted and about 33450 young people were reached.

III. Under GBV Program, COMMUNITY RISE ALLIANCE have reached 4356 by teaching them on the importance of Gender Equality and Power sharing in Community and Home Settings

IV. Campaigns on Drug Abuse were conducted in Kirehe Districts and about 19500 people were reached

H.E President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame highlights Drug Abuse among Youths

President Paul Kagame has said that fight against drug abuse is very urgent than ever before because it has become a worrying concern not only in Rwanda but world over. The president said that society talks about drugs in passing yet the problem is destroying the future The president referred to his conversation with Michel Sidbé the president of UN AIDS on efforts that were put in fighting HIV/AIDS which have yielded results.
However, Kagame said, another much worrying issue has now developed – the drug problem “which we always talk about in passing are a very big concern worldwide.” “When you send a child to school, you pray that he returns home safely but the issue is no longer among the children only.”
Kagame told the participants at the National Dialogue in Kigali on Tuesday, “We should have started making it a preoccupation but we are really lagging behind in this fight.” The President said that “The demand is high and the supply even higher. The amount of money involved is in billions of dollars.”
He explained that what is most worrying is that some drugs have become economy of countries and the transaction chains have become complex and the kind of drugs multiple. “It is not about smoking now, but others are now taking injections which they share with others.”    Kigali, On 19th - Dec - 2017

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